House File 2629

House File 2629 focusing on Future Ready Iowa, includes Computer Science requirements.  These requirements include the following:

  • Districts will provide computer science instruction, incorporating the standards, in at least one grade 1-6 by July 1, 2023.
  • Districts will provide computer science instruction, incorporating the standards, in at least one grade 7-8 by July 1, 2023.
  • Districts will provide one-half unit of computer science, incorporating the standards in high school by July 1,  2022.
  • Districts will design and implement a K-12 computer science plan, incorporating the standards by July 1, 2022.

What is Computer Science?

Iowa defines computer science as understanding how and why technologies work, exploring whether and how technology could solve real-life problems, investigating procedures, creating solutions, and learning about computing systems, programming, data, networks, and the effects on society and the individual. Learning computer science means learning how to create new technologies, rather than simply using them.

It is the vision of the state of Iowa that all Iowa students will engage in the concepts and practices of computer science through an intentional progression of experiences in order to prepare them to become enterprising citizens that positively impact society.
CS Practices and Core Concepts

This vision is accomplished through the CSTA and Iowa standards which weave the Core Practices throughout the Core Concepts. You can find more about computer science in Iowa on the Department of Education site.

K-12 Computer Science Framework

Computer Science Standards (CSTA)

Computer Science FAQ’s

Computer Science Resources

The Computer Science Resources page will provide links and information about teacher resources, curriculum options, supplemental resources, and extracurricular programs.

Central Rivers Coding Contest

In celebration of Computer Science Education Week (Dec.6h-12th), Central Rivers AEA  hosts the Annual Coding Challenge for middle and high schoolers.  This year’s challenge is now closed.  Thanks to all of the students who entered and congratulations to Columbus High School!

For more information about computer science at Central Rivers AEA, contact Michelle Meier.