Assistive technology team – learning supports matrix

Data to support need Program Objectives Commitment to Training School Staff Time
An assistive technology referral may be considered if the student has difficulty accessing the curriculum or demonstrating what he/she knows due to cognitive or physical challenges or learning disabilities, and the local team is seeking additional support to connect the learner with appropriate tools to support learning.


Number of request for resource team consultation (referrals)

128 Referrals
33 Districts

109 Referrals
32 Districts

The role of the Central Rivers AEA Assistive Technology Team is to identify appropriate supports for students who need alternative methods of accessing curriculum and demonstrating what they know.

Members of the AT Team provide professional development opportunities that are open to district personnel, AEA personnel and members of the public. Depending on the PD opportunity, teacher certificate renewal and/or graduate credit may be available.

Districts would be expected to provide time and space to train staff and students in the use of recommended technologies on an as-need basis. School staff would be expected to devote the time needed to learn and implement the recommended technologies in support of the student.


AEA support Materials and costs Implementation Structures Evaluation Plan Contact Person(s)
When an Assistive Technology Referral is initiated the AT Team consults with the IEP team at the local district, including LEA staff, AEA staff, the student and family as appropriate.

Central Rivers AEA has one overall AT Team. Membership in the team includes: Consultants, Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, a School Psychologist and a Special Education Technology Specialist.

This team is divided into three regional teams, each of which supports one of three regions, commonly referred to as the North, Central and Southern regions. The regional teams also work collaboratively, sharing resources and expertise as need to best find solutions for students.

While there are no set costs, some expenditure can occur, depending on the tools recommended. The AT Team tries to be fiscally responsible when making recommendations. When considering tools to recommend, emphasis is placed on identifying the most appropriate tools to help the student receive his/her Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE). Members of the Assistive Technology Team respond to requests for assistance generated by education staff or parents in local districts. Requests are made using the Request for Resource Team Consultation form.

Utilizing a bank of equipment and staff expertise in assistive technologies we provide opportunities for students to trial tools that may assist them in successfully participating in the school day.

Members of the AT Team provide training on an as-needed basis to students, education staff and families to help the student make the best use of the technologies (low, mid or high tech) that are recommended.

A customer satisfaction survey has been created and will be used to collect data about the referral process and the AT Teams response. Lisa Jellum
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