The purpose of tracking students’ convergent data is to determine if the Universal, Targeted and Intensive instruction students are receiving is making a difference on multiple outcomes measures (formative, classroom, interim and summative) across the school year.

Additional purposes of these assessments:

  • to determine effectiveness of instruction
  • to predict success on the summative assessment
  • to contribute to educator’s collaborative conversations in Data Teams and PLCs
  • to identify students who need additional instruction sooner rather than later by examining and acting on multiple forms of data


You can use this convergent data – Excel spreadsheet as an example as you learn how to copy and paste cells of information, input data, write formulas, sort data and most importantly, determine:

  1. What does the data tell us?
  2. What are we going to do about it?
  3. Determine if it is working

This example works best with two monitors and a mouse. If you only have one computer screen, print this PC convergent data PDF guide detailing the steps that are explained on the following web pages with corresponding screen shots.  Mac users will need to print this MAC convergent data PDF guide.


How-To Guide (Convergent Data)