Standards Based Rubrics

Kindergarten – IC Speaking and Listening Rubric – 10pt

Kindergarten – IC Literature Rubric – 10pt

Kindergarten – IC Foundational Skills Rubric – 10pt

Kindergarten – IC Language Rubric – 10pt

Kindergarten – IC Writing Rubric – 10pt

Kindergarten – IC Informational Text Rubric – 10pt

Kindergarten – IC Mathematics Rubric – 10pt

ELA Learning Progressions

Reading Foundational Skills


Reading Literature Key Ideas and Details

Reading Literature Craft and Structure

Reading Literature Integration of Knowledge and Ideas


Reading Informational Text Key Ideas and Details

Reading Informational Text Craft and Structure

Reading Informational Text Integration of Knowledge and Ideas


Writing Text Types and Purposes

Writing Production and Distribution of Writing

Writing Research to Build and Present Knowledge


Language Conventions of Standard English

Language Knowledge of Language

Language Vocabulary Acquisition and Use


Speaking and Listening Comprehension and Collaboration

Speaking and Listening Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas

21st Century Skills Rubrics

K-2nd Grade – Civic Literacy Rubric – 10pt

K-2nd Grade – Employability Skills Rubric – 10pt

K-2nd Grade – Financial Literacy Rubric – 10pt

K-2nd Grade – Health Literacy Rubric – 10pt

K-2nd Grade – Technology Literacy Rubric – 10pt

Iowa Core Planning Documents

Kindergarten – IC Speaking & Listening Planning

Kindergarten – IC Literature Planning

Kindergarten – IC Foundational Skills Planning

Kindergarten – IC Language Planning

Kindergarten – IC Writing Planning

Kindergarten – IC Informational Text Planning

Kindergarten – IC Mathematics Planning