The Iowa Core Standards-Based Rubrics were developed in an effort to assist educators in using the grade level content standards of the Iowa Core to engage in effective instruction and assessment practices. At the current time, rubrics have been developed in grades kindergarten through twelfth grade in most of the following areas:

  • Reading Foundational Skills, Literature and Informational Text
  • Language
  • Writing
  • Mathematics
  • Speaking and Listening
  • 21st Century Skills


It is anticipated that these resources can be used for multiple purposes that include, but are not limited to assisting educators in:

  • becoming more familiar with the specific elements of the Iowa Core
  • developing effective instruction and assessment practices
  • identifying students’ present levels of performance
  • monitoring the progress of students in response to targeted and intensive instruction as well as specially designed instruction for students receiving special education services and supports


These rubrics are considered to be DRAFTS and thus, might be updated or modified at any time. This website location will serve as the location for the most current draft copy. Previous to using these rubrics for any purpose, users are encouraged to first read the document entitled Iowa Core Standards-Based Rubrics – Supporting Document.


Please contact either Joe Kremer, or Judy Moser if you have questions or have specific ideas and feedback which will improve these Iowa Core Standards Based Rubrics.