Name Description
Standard Score Ranges for Achievement Levels Charts showing the Fall, Midyear, Spring standard scores for students in the not proficient, proficient, and advanced ranges for grades 3-11.
Reporting Iowa Proficiency Using Standard Scores Information on the use of the Iowa Standard Score Scale as the metric for measuring student proficiency.
Iowa Assessment Growth by Bands of Performance Forms E and F These tables are to be used to approximate the amount of annual growth in National Standard Score (NSS) units that is expected given a student’s starting percentile rank using test forms E and F from the 2012-13 school year and forward.
Iowa Assessment Growth Tables: Typical Growth Rates These tables enable users to analyze growth patterns for students across all administrations of the new Iowa Assessments from the 2011-12 school year until the current time.
Tracking Growth Towards College Readiness with the Iowa Test The brief will provide users with information regarding how the Iowa Assessments can be used to help in determining whether students are on track toward college and career readiness.
Progress as Measured by Growth This brief will help educators refocus the evaluation of student, building or district performance based solely upon the determination of proficiency to one that also includes growth or progress.
Expected Student Growth Growth charts developed by Iowa Testing Programs to help educators track and interpret the growth of their students and form an overall plan for the skills being measured.
Vertical Scaling and the Assessment of Growth This brief will provide a summary of how scores from this assessment can provide a basis for describing progress, setting goals and ultimately determining whether students are on track.