• Overview of the Iowa Tests: Alignment to the Common Core: Provides a summary of the process used to complete the alignment between the Common Core State Standards and the Iowa Tests.
  • Alignment between Iowa Core and Iowa Assessments: Construction of the Iowa Assessments involves aligning specifications to the Iowa Core. Illustrations of the alignment between skills from the Iowa Core and the Iowa Assessments for 5th grade in the areas of¬†English Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science.
  • Iowa Form E Scope & Sequence: Provides a summary of the various subtests and sub-skills that are measured by the Iowa tests from Kindergarten through 12th grade. The number of items and administration times are also provided.
  • Item Content Classifications:¬†These documents provide test item content descriptions for each testing/grade level of the Iowa Assessments. These documents can be used as an adjunct to the class item analysis reports.

Form E – Level 8 – 2nd Grade

Form F – Level 9 – 3rd Grade

Form F – Level 10 – 4th Grade

Form F – Level 11 – 5th Grade

Form F – Level 12 – 6th Grade

Form F – Level 13 – 7th Grade

Form F – Level 14 – 8th Grade

Form F – Level 15 – 9th Grade

Form F – Level 16 – 10th Grade

Form F – Level 17 – 11th Grade