LEA Administrators,

We would like to make you aware of some professional development materials that are currently available in the area of Assessment for Learning (Formative Assessment). These free materials have been developed via a collaborative effort of educators from across the state and nation and are intended to be used by school based Professional Learning Communities or Collaborative Learning Teams. The modules and learning activities contained in this collection of materials follow the Iowa Professional Development Model, are based upon the latest research in the area of Assessment for Learning, and if used as intended, will provide staff with a deep understanding of the process and place them in a position to implement with high fidelity.

These modules can be accessed by:

  1. Going to:  http://moodlesw.aeapdonline.org/login/index.php  and following the directions for setting up a new account (Existing Assessment for Learning Module users may need to set up a new account).
  2. Clicking on: Modules and the subcategory of Assessment for Learning.
  3. Select one of the eight modules that are available on the subject of Assessment for Learning. We recommend that educators begin with the module entitled – Assessment for Learning Foundations.
  4. Prior to accessing any individual module, you might be asked to provide an enrollment key. The enrollment key is:  AfL_2011

For additional information on these modules, an Assessment for Learning Module Overview document is available. This document will summarize the format of the learning modules as well as the learning activities/experiences that are contained in each. Lastly, if you want more information on the research base for Assessment for Learning, an Iowa Core Assessment for Learning Brief and Literature Review is also available.

If your school or district has identified formative assessment as an area of professional development for your staff, you are encouraged you to take a look at these materials. For additional information, feel free to contact any of the Central Rivers AEA staff listed below: