SPSS or the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences is commonly used in the field of educational research. SPSS, however, can be used as a simple data entry system. SPSS allows users to run more statistical analysis without needing to know the formulas. SPSS can also produce charts and graphs that serve the purpose of being a visual representation of the student’s progress.

More help for SPSS can be found on Iowa AEA Online’s Atomic Learning.  First contact your school’s teacher librarian for your school’s User ID and password to use the tutorials, or AEA employees can contact their media center.


On the Atomic Learning website:

  • Enter password
  • Enter SPSS in the search box -or- use the Advanced Filters: All Applications scroll down to find SPSS


This search will uncover many valuable tutorials on how to use the various features of SPSS on both a Mac and a PC and your version of Excel.