There are two words that any organization must consider if they want to survive and thrive in the 21st century. Those two words are “comprehensive improvement.” No matter how good we are today, we need to be even better tomorrow.

In an effort to keep up with this trend, Central Rivers AEA developed a Comprehensive Services Improvement Plan (CSIP). This document was developed by the Central Rivers AEA Continuous Improvement Team, which is representative of a large cross section of agency employees. The collaboration effort of the team’s monthly meetings has resulted in Central Rivers AEA’s Comprehensive Improvement Plan.

Central Rivers AEA also created an Annual Progress Report (APR). This report provides information about how well students in the area perform in reading, math, and science. It also provides information on how AEA services are utilized by local school districts. It contains rich and valuable data that assists in the formation of agency actions to improve services

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For questions concerning the Comprehensive Plan, the Continuous Improvement Team or Annual Progress Report contact Dr. Jon McKenzie, Director of Assessment and Comprehensive Improvement.