Authentic Intellectual Work (AIW) is a framework which provides opportunity for educators across all content areas and across all grade spans to bring (artifacts): lessons, student work, and instruction to the team for improvement. The versatility of the scoring rubric provides common language, common goals, and common work done for the benefit of all students. By focusing on the three AIW criterion: Construction of Knowledge, Discipline Inquiry, and Value Beyond School; there is increased student engagement, high expectations for all students, and the promotion of skills that will benefit students faced with intellectual challenges in contemporary society.


  1. Better preparation for intellectual demands of the workplace, citizenship, and personal affairs.
  2. Increased opportunities for student engagement in learning.
  3. Intellectual mission strengthens professional community.


  1. Honors educators’ content area, knowledge, and grade level.
  2. Provides a common focus and quality conversation for collaborative teams.
  3. Supports reflective practice.
  4. Provides insight into student learning and needs.
  5. Drives Professional Development.

Retrieved from the Center for Authentic Intellectual Work


Center for Authentic Intellectual WorkThe Center provides information on professional development for instructional and assessment reform, using the Framework for Authentic Intellectual Work.

AIW Institute: Authentic Intellectual Work
The institute offers support for schools and districts to enhance their teachers’ professional learning and capacity to engage all students in meaningful, challenging work.

Teaching for Authentic Intellectual Work – Scoring Guides
This resource provides standards and scoring criteria for teachers’ tasks, student performance, and instruction.

This resource identifies the structure and supports that a district needs to consider as they implement AIW with fidelity.
This resource outlines expectations for AEA coaches, district administrators and teachers for each year of AIW implementation.
This form should be filled out by the teacher bringing materials for scoring.  There is a section to be filled out prior to scoring and a reflection piece for after.

Instruction and Informational Videos

Catching the Vision
Video resource for long-range AIW vision utilized during regional leadership meeting.

Highlights of a scoring session
This video is a four-minute highlight clip of one district’s scoring session.

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