1. Log into your Professional Learning account
  2. Follow the verification prompts (if any) to update your account
  3. At your ‘home page’ click Request My Transcript under the My Courses section
  4. Review your personal information to verify it is correct.
    1. If you are planning on having your transcript mailed to you, verify that your mailing address is correct. Click Edit beneath the section to make any changes.
    2. Verify the last four digits of your social security number. Click Edit beneath the section to make any changes. For security purposes, it will ask for your login password.  Enter your account password and click on Submit Password.  You can now make the necessary changes and then click on Save SSN.
  5. Specify the date range by clicking on Start Date and End Date. Example: if you are renewing your license and need the last 5 years, choose the date 5 years ago that you obtained your license.
  6. Choose the Delivery Mechanism: Pickup (in Cedar Falls) or Mail
    1. If you chose Pickup (in Cedar Falls), you will need to pick up your transcript in person and be prepared to present identification.
    2. If you need it sooner than 2 business days, please call the office to ensure it will be ready.
  7. Type in the number of copies you would like.
  8. Click on Send Request.
    1. This automatically generates an e-mail which prompts Professional Learning to send you the transcript.
    2. You should receive a response email telling you which day the transcript was put in the mail or that it is ready for pickup.