The overriding philosophy behind a teacher leader system is complex, but the ultimate goal is clear – improve student learning. There is no better way to do this than to empower teachers and administrators to lead the effort. The professional learning experts at Central Rivers AEA have collaborated to put together this series of offerings to support local schools. If you have suggestions for the Lead, Inspire, Innovate series, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Regional Administrator or Kay Schmalen at

Lead, Inspire, Innovate

Coming March 3rd, 2023!

Join us for our annual Future Ready Summit- Student Engagement through Authentic Learning Summit featuring Brian Aspinall!

Teacher. Speaker. Coder. Maker

Brian Aspinall ImageBrian Aspinall is an award winning educator, bestselling author & one of the brightest STEM & STEAM innovators for teachers, students and the education system. Well knows as a thought leader in education and his life long dedication to improve the classroom, Brian’s programs teach how to engage students and prepare them for the future. Brian Aspinall creates an inclusive, innovative, supportive, and empowering atmosphere that helps students take advantage of technology empowering their ability to create. Brian is an award winning educator steam innovation expert, technology and education innovation expert & keynote speaker on technology and education innovation for the classroom.

Teacher Leadership Opportunities 22-23

Student Centered Coaching Course (Blended)

Inspired Mentorship

Teacher Leadership Network

Student Centered Coaching Labs