The Generalist paraeducator certificate is the only certificate that requires renewal.  The Area of Concentration does not require renewal.

Renewal Requirements as outlined by the state of Iowa.

Sources for Renewal Credits for your Generalist Certification

In order to renew your Generalist certificate, you will need verification of coursework totaling three units of credit.  One unit of credit equals 15 hours of seat time in a college level course or course from an Area Education Agency (AEA) (licensure renewal credit or graduate credit).

A second option would be to take courses from an organization/college/university/that is accredited by the state of Iowa.  To verify accreditation, visit the BOEE website.

A third option would be to take courses through the Statewide AEA PD Online System.  The same requirements apply here in that courses need to have either licensure renewal credit or graduate credit attached to them.

  • The Statewide AEA PD Online Learning System
    • At the top left under the symbol of the house, click on ALL MODULES AND COURSES
    • One course that might be of interest that is designed specifically for Paraeducators is called:  Para-Educator Roles and Responsibilities- (License Renewal)
    • Other courses are also available

NOTE: Taking the 3 courses that we offer at Central Rivers AEA to get your Early Childhood Area of Concentration  or obtaining your Special Needs Area of Concentration COUNTS toward renewing your Generalist Certificate!

Renewing Your Generalist Certificate

Generalist Certificates must be renewed every 5 years.  You may start the application process anytime up to a year before it is actually due.  However, you will want to start the coursework to renew anytime after you have your initial certificate.

When you are ready to renew your certificate, go to the Board of Educational Examiners website and scroll down to find the document titled “Renew a Paraeducator Certificate”.  Download a copy of that document (in either Word or a PDF), complete it by hand and send it to the Board of Educational Examiners.

By September of 2016, this will be an online application process instead of sending in a paper copy.  You will use the same link above and it will direct you to the proper place to complete your online application.  This should expedite the return of your renewal certificate.