Early Childhood Area of Concentration: Paraeducators

The Early Childhood area of concentration consists of 45 hours of coursework in the area of Early Childhood. Paraeducators can expect to learn how to better support early childhood teachers in the classroom and reinforce the strategies that are utilized and skills that are taught. The following face-to-face courses are required to obtain your Early Childhood Certificate:

All three courses are offered on a rotating basis, or upon request if numbers warrant the need.   Once completed, these three courses will not only allow you to acquire an Area of Concentration in Early Childhood, they will also allow you to renew your Paraeducator Certification for another 5 years.


Course Offering PDF


*Paraeducators must hold a current paraeducator generalist certificate.

*Paraeducators must be currently employed by a school district within the Central Rivers AEA territory.

Notice of Intent

Those wishing to start their Area of Concentration in Early Childhood will need to declare their intent by completing the form below called Notice of Intent to Obtain Early Childhood Area of Concentration.  This form should be completed prior to or right after the first night of the first course.  Please send the completed form to Donna Perry at the Central Rivers AEA Clear Lake office.

When a paraprofessional has successfully completed the 3 courses and has received their grade for the courses, paraeducators will want to contact Donna Perry for information on obtaining their area of concentration through the Board of Educational Examiners (BoEE).