Empower your school’s safety: Enroll in PREPaRE workshops for comprehensive training starting in April


Central Rivers AEA's Spring 2024 workshops, PREPaRE one and two, will offer comprehensive training for school safety and crisis management. Virtual and on-site sessions will cater to diverse teams committed to enhancing security measures.

Central Rivers AEA will be offering PREPaRE workshop one and PREPaRE workshop two in Spring 2024. PREPaRE training is ideal for schools committed to improving and strengthening their school safety and crisis management plans and emergency response. More details can be found below.

PREPaRE workshop one: Comprehensive School Safety Planning

  • A two-day virtual course on April 5 and April 11 from 8:30 am to 12 pm.
  • Developed by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP).
  • Ideal for a multi-disciplinary team including administrators, security professionals, counselors, teachers, nurses, and more.
  • Covers physical and psychological safety, safety teams, plans, vulnerability assessments, media, communication, reunification, special needs, culture, and memorials.
  • Material Fee: $45

Registration Information: #203357 CR – PREPaRE Workshop 1 – Comprehensive School Safety Planning: Prevention Through Recovery (Third Edition)

PREPaRE workshop two: Mental Health Crisis Interventions

  • A two-day course at Central Rivers AEA in Cedar Falls on April 30 and May 9 from 8:30 am to 4 pm.
  • Focuses on trauma-informed mental health crisis interventions.
  • Designed for a diverse team at all grade levels, including administrators, security professionals, counselors, teachers, nurses, and staff involved in safety and crisis preparedness.
  • Material Fee $55

Registration Information: #203360 CR – PREPaRE Workshop 2: Mental Health Crisis Interventions – Responding to an Acute Traumatic Stressor in Schools (3rd Edition)

This is an excellent opportunity* for schools committed to enhancing their safety and crisis management plans.
*Note that completion of workshop one 1 is not needed to attend workshop two. See the attached flyers for more information or contact Kami Roberts and Molly Johansen, School Psychologists, or Kandi Bienfang-Lee, School Social Worker.