Top professional titles added to our lending library to support personal growth

Titles added to our physical collection
Book cover of Atlas of the Heart

The atlas of the heart : mapping meaningful connection and the language of human experience

Author: Brené Brown

Book cover of Educator Wellness

Educator wellness : a guide for sustaining physical, mental, emotional and social well-being

Author: Timothy Kanold

Book cover of Just look up

Just look up : five life-saving phrases every human needs to hear

Author: Joe Beckman

Book cover of 180 Day of self care

180 days of self-care for busy educators

Author: Tina H. Boogren

Book cover of Learning Curve – Lessons Learned on Leadership, Education and Personal Growth by Dr. Jared Smith

Learning curve : lessons learned on leadership, education, and personal growth

Author: Dr. Jared R. Smith

Titles added to our digital collection

Book cover of Grit

Grit : the power of passion and perseverance

Author: Angela Duckworth

Book cover of Live your excellence

Live your excellence: bring your best self to school every day

Author: Jimmy Casas

Book cover of It's great to suck at something

(It’s great to) suck at something : the unexpected joy of wiping out and what it can teach us about patience, resilience, and the stuff that really matters

Author: Karen Rinaldi

Book cover of Braving the wilderness

Braving the wilderness: the quest for true belonging and the courage to stand alone

Author: Brené Brown

Book cover of The power of meaning

The power of meaning: crafting a life that matters

Author: Emily Esfahani Smith

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