Meet Sphero Indi, a new STEM resource and a new favorite at CAL Elementary!

New to the Central Rivers AEA Media Services lending library, the Sphero Indi has made its way to CAL Elementary.  The Indi robots receive their code by sensing colored tiles placed on the floor. Here you see the students racing the robots by using only green tiles which make the bots move forward. Depending on how close together they are, they get energy boosters and can go faster! The 1st graders learned about the hardware and technology of the robots including LED lights, the power switch, and sensors. Then, they were challenged to see which group could get their bot to go the furthest. They also tried as a class to see if they could get the bot to go the entire length of the CELL, CAL Elementary Learning Lab.

Students at CAL Elementary using the Sphero Indi wiggly track Students at CAL Elementary using the Sphero Indi straight track

Here, the 3rd graders were challenged with using 3 green tiles to code their Indi Spheros to go the furthest distance. They evaluated and rearranged their tiles to make their bot go further each race!

Students at CAL Elementary using the Sphero Indi students knelt down next to track

The Sphero Indi Robot Class Pack includes 8 robots, charging cases, programing materials, and education guides all packed in one convenient classroom kit, ready to unpack!Sphero Indi Robot Class Pack

The Sphero Indi is available for your classroom too, along with over thirty other coding robots. Check out the different ways to connect with Central Rivers AEA Media Services at the bottom of our catalog page to reserve materials today.

We’d love to see how you and your students bring our materials to life through learning – if you have experiences you’d like to share, please email these to Kristine Kienzle.