Computer Science Professional Development Incentive Fund survey responses needed by Jan. 31 and applications are open until Feb. 11!

Survey responses are needed by Jan. 31 and applications are open until Feb. 11!

Applications for the Computer Science Professional Development Incentive Fund (CSPDIF) are now open and will be accepted until Feb. 11. Learn more at the CSPDIF Information site.

Iowa’s AEAs are collaborating to write a CSPDIF grant application to help meet the needs of Iowa school districts. The main intentions are:

  • To provide educators with professional development opportunities they may not otherwise have access to.
  • To implement K-12 district plans for computer science instruction and provide quality computer science education.

The Iowa AEA website is the communication hub for the AEA Statewide CSPDIF, and it includes information about each of the options included in the grant proposal. The Statewide AEA collaborative grant options can be viewed on the grant application document.

Next steps for district admin/computer science leaders:

  • Complete the statewide grant interest survey by Jan. 31. The form only needs to be completed once per district. Your response will:
    • Provide us with the information needed to complete the grant application and implement the programs.
    • Allow us to plan meaningful, K-12 computer science professional development.
    • Allow you to express interest in participating in our grant applications.
  • Share the Iowa AEA website and the grant application document with educators in your district so they can save their spot ASAP!

If you aren’t sure which teachers will be participating, please have the building administrator complete this process.

For questions, contact your AEA Statewide Computer Science Team Member: