New course available to provide feedback and create self-directed learners in the classroom

Are you or your staff wanting to learn more about the Formative Assessment/Instructional Process? We have the perfect class for you!

This course will provide individuals and learning team (recommended) participants from a district or school with a foundational understanding of the Formative Assessment/Instructional Process. Learning opportunities for this class will focus on:

  • Attributes of the process
  • Learning intentions (learning goals and success criteria)
  • Activities to elicit evidence of student learning/thinking
  • Instructional modifications based upon collected evidence of learning
  • Descriptive feedback self-assessment
  • Peer assessment

Attendees – be prepared to actively apply concepts into your classroom/school and to frequently share implementation experiences with other participants. Classes begin the week of September 20th via a hybrid format:

  • Face-to-face (3 full days)
  • Zoom sessions (3 virtual, after school)
  • Asynchronous (on your own)

This class is available for 2 licensure renewal credits and is currently being offered out of both the Clear Lake and Cedar Falls AEA office. To register, log in to your AEA Professional Learning account and search for: The Formative Assessment/Instruction Process – Year 1 – Course # 180395.

For additional information, please contact either Joe Kremer or Tracy Thomsen.