Central Rivers AEA summer offerings

The Central Rivers AEA TLC Advisory Team has put together a great lineup of learning opportunities for the 2021-22 school year.  Please share this information with your school partners.  

  • Inspired Mentorship 21-22 
    Each year we update the content, so even if you’ve participated in the past — join us again
  • SCC 21-22 
    Student Centered Coaching (SCC) is re-launching and we’ve shifted practices, yet remained student-centered and continued to learn to respond to the needs of students, teachers & our systems.  SCC has adapted to new contexts since Central Rivers AEA started offering this course.  We invite you to join or join us again in learning about SCC.
  • TLC Summit
    Join us as a leadership team to enhance teacher leaders critical leadership & coaching skills of self-awareness, listening, and questioning to scaffold the critical thinking of others
  • 2021-22 TLC Networking
    Each of these sessions are designed by the Central Rivers AEA TLC Advisory Team to prepare teacher leaders to serve as facilitators and activators of instructional practices in PK-12 school settings.
  • Connecting the Dots June 2022

If you know of any changes in school districts in regards to their teacher leadership positions/roles/people or have any questions, please reach out to Dr. Jo Prusha, Consultant for Educational Services.