April TAG Challenge Submission – Kindness Cards

Our April task challenged students to create kindness cards in order to spread joy and happiness.  They were given free licenses to design, engineer, and create the cards in any way they wanted.  While the submissions will bring a smile to us, we know they will bring even bigger smiles to those who are on the receiving end of them!

As with all previous challenges, students also share their responses to what was the most fun and most challenging aspects about the monthly task.  Here are some of the things we heard:

The most fun part of the challenge was:

  • the drawing
  • adding the little details
  • finding what to put on the card
  • looking up sayings for the card


The most challenging part was:

  • getting the drawing just right
  • deciding who to give the card to
  • time – we could have worked on this for a lot longer


Check out the submissions below: