March TAG Challenge Submissions

Our March challenge was the Junk Drawer Challenge, which prompted students to raid those junk drawers at home and build a creation from items that likely were found there.

We are constantly amazed at the creativity that is shown by the students in what they are able to create!

Students reported that their favorite part of the challenge was:

  • Thinking of what to build
  • Being creative
  • Getting a chance to work together
  • Researching fun things to create
  • Getting to work with my hands
  • Building something completely random and fun.
  • Conversations with my partner
  • Getting to work with something physical and not on a computer
  • Making something new


And they felt the most challenging aspects were:

  • Making sure to use all 10 objects
  • Time constraints
  • Coming up with the idea of what to build
  • Revising pieces that didn’t work the way we wanted


Check out the amazing submissions below!

Picture of junk of a box, plastic spoons, toilet paper rolls, can

Cedar Falls 5th grade – click to see the whole slide show!!

North Iowa, 4th grade: