April TAG Challenge – Kindness cards

April Challenge – Kindness Cards

We are happy to release our April challenge and you can see this information also represented in a google document or also look at our past challenges in our TAG challenge overview document. (And, don’t miss our challenges for high school students; although they are open to younger students as well)



Create a Kindness Card to send to another human. This can take on any format as long as it is deliverable and kind. Your card is limited only by your imagination – it might play music, have paper “pop-ups”, light up, or whatever else you can think of!

 Once it is created, spread kindness! (But remember to take pictures or videos to submit before you give it away!)

Supplies you might need:

Paper and art supplies, a computer and design software, a coded deliverable design, a recording device 


How to submit: 

You will submit by using this Google Form.  The form will allow you to upload a file, submit a URL, and provides us with permission to use your images.  We also highly encourage you to share your submissions through Twitter (but please still submit them through the Google form as well) and use the hashtag #CRAEAtag.  Feel free to tag us on Twitter!


Hosted by:

Chelsie Byram                                 Mandie Sanderman
@Butterfly_Byram                            @AmandaSanderman


Submission is due by:
Friday, April 30th at 3 PM