Questions and answers related to COVID recovery services

The topic of COVID recovery services for special education students has raised a number of important questions. The following is a compilation of common questions and answers following contact with the Iowa Department of Education. Please contact Rod Ball, Director of Special Programs, for more information.

Students are open enrolled/tuitioned into a school district. The attending/tuitioned in
school district has determined that the student needs recovery services. Can they bill the
resident district for these services?
Yes, recovery services can be billed following the correct protocol. The recovery
services must be in the IEP and these services must occur outside the regular school day. For
example, these services could be before or after school or during the summer.
Documentation for recovery services should be on the B or I page along with F page. Make sure
on the B or I page the criteria for when recovery services are no longer required is noted and
complete a written prior notice.

If a student is open enrolled and is to receive recovery services in the attending
district does the resident or attending school district have to transport to recovery services?
Parents have responsibility for transportation when a student is open enrolled.

If a child is tuitioned into a district for programming through an IEP team decision and
the child’s IEP team determines a need for recovery services whose responsibility is it for
transportation for recovery services?
The resident district has responsibility.