Programming changes in Medicaid Eligibility report

Due to recent inquiries, the recommended practices in sharing FERPA protected information for the purpose of LEA Medicaid billing have been reviewed. This review led to programming changes in the current Medicaid Eligibility report that is accessed through the Iowa IDEA system. The programming changes were made to increase security by removing data that was previously included in the report but was unnecessary for billing. Data fields that continue to be reported can be found in the list at the bottom of this post. This newly formatted report entitled, “LEA Medicaid Eligibility Report” will be released on February 1, 2021.

Additionally, as part of the effort to protect personal identifiable information, users of the system are reminded they should never share their usernames and passwords with others, including Medicaid vendors.  

We hope these efforts will enhance protections for students, families, and districts. If you have questions or need assistance with this information, please reach out to Nicole Heiselman. Technology Specialist/Special Education Secretary, phone 319-268-7646 or Pam Kabela, Technology Specialist, phone 319-268-7602.

Data fields included in the report:

  • State ID
  • Student First Name
  • Student Last Name
  • DOB
  • Gender
  • Duration from/to date
  • Resident District # and name
  • Attending District # and name
  • Building # and name
  • Medicaid #
  • Receives Transportation y/n – page G
  • Medicaid LEA Refusal (date if signed electronically)
  • Medicaid LEA Consent (date if signed electronically)
  • LEA Support Services Codes and frequency
    • Assistive Technology (AT0)
    • Health Services (HS0)
    • Medical Services (MS0)
    • Nursing Services (NR0)
    • Other LEA Services (OB0)
    • Paraprofessional (PP0)
    • Social Work (SW0)
    • Transportation (TR0)