Newly added – Monthly TAG challenges for High School

Due to the popularity of our monthly TAG challenges for grades 3rd-8th, we have decided to add monthly challenges designed specifically with High School students in mind!  Teachers and parents are welcome to have younger students engage in the challenges, but some of the topics, material, and challenges might be more appropriate for students with the maturity and increased independence that comes with being in high school.

Unlike our 3rd-8th monthly challenges (which are released just prior to the month of the challenge), we are releasing all three high school challenges at the same time.  We recognize that high school students often have schedules that might benefit from this full release, so a student that is trying to balance work, sports, clubs, academics, etc might want to have some additional time to meet any of these advanced challenges.  While each challenge has a “due date” we are always happy to receive challenges early, late, or anywhere in between!

We are excited to share the High School monthly TAG challenge!  Be watching the blog for the release of each blog page dedicated to each individual challenge or look below for a direct link.

Monthly Challenges
March Challenge – Alphabet Photography
April Challenge – Fidget Blanket
May Challenge – Promotional video