February TAG challenge submissions

Our challenge for the month of February was the Duct Tape Challenge.  In this challenge, students were tasked with thinking creatively and using their engineering skills to build something out of only duct tape.  Students were limited to a maximum of 2 rolls of duct tape for this challenge.


When asked about the most fun part of the challenge students responded:

  • Creating whatever we wanted!
  • Coming up with the ideas
  • Creating with duct tape
  • Being creative
  • Testing to see if our boats would float
  • Getting to try the vest on
  • All the laughter
  • Figuring out what to make
  • Making the tape look like something else


The students shared the following challenging aspects:

  • Not being able to use outside supports
  • Build with just duct tape and nothing else.
  • Getting the shapes right
  • Staying focused
  • Getting the tape to not stick to my hands
  • Getting the arm holes right on my vest
  • Trying to make it 3D
  • Making it stand up
  • Trying to get the right shapes
  • Trying to make both ears look the same


February submissions can be seen below: