April HS TAG Challenge – Fidget Blanket

April High School TAG Challenge – Fidget Blankets

This overview can also be viewed on the April HS TAG challenge google document.


Challenge Overview:
This challenge combines some engineering skills, research into dementia, and creativity and mixes it with someLap blanket with zipper, buttons, beads community service!  Individuals with dementia and Alzheimer’s often benefit from a “fidget blanket” to help keep their hands occupied. Or, perhaps you know of a high school student that likes to “fidget” for stress relief?

For this challenge, we want you to create a fidget blanket that you can give to a family member, a friend of your family, or donate to a nursing home/care facility. (Or, maybe you are a high schooler that likes to have something to fidget with and you keep it for yourself!) There is no size requirement for the “blanket” but keep in mind that these are often not true “blankets” but more of the size that would sit nicely on a lap or be easy to hold.

This might be a great challenge to encourage you to practice some sewing skills and could be a great opportunity to visit with your family and consumer science teacher or your school maker space if you need access to sewing machines.


How to submit:

You will submit by using this Google Form. The form will allow you to upload a file, submit a URL, and provides us with permission to use your images.  We also highly encourage you to share your submissions through Twitter (but please still submit it through the Google form as well) and use the hashtag #CRAEAtag. Feel free to tag us on Twitter!


Hosted by:

Chelsie Byram                              Mandie Sanderman
@Butterfly_Byram                         @AmandaSanderman
#CRAEATAG                                 #CRAEATAG 


Submission is due by Friday, April 30th at 3pm