January TAG challenge submissions

Our challenge for the month of January was the 100 Lego Challenge.  In this challenge, students were tasked with first selecting 100 lego and THEN selecting a challenge to create using only those 100 legos.  Students were asked to select from:

  • A working candy dispenser
  • A biome of their choice
  • Their school mascot

Because teachers can modify the challenge to meet the needs of all students, some may have elected to create their own ideas for the creation.

When asked about the most fun part of completing the challenge, students responded:

  • Playing with legos (it’s been awhile!)
  • Picking out the 100 legos


Challenges they reported facing were:

  • Using all 100 legos
  • Building it with only the pieces we chose


There’s still time to get in on the fun – the January challenge ends on Friday, January 29th!


January submissions can be seen below:

Video submission: