February TAG challenge

February 2021 TAG Challenge – Duct Tape


Roll of duct tapeChallenge Overview:

This month, we want you to make something out of duct tape.  What you make is completely up to you, but it must be constructed out of ONLY duct tape and you can not use more than 2 rolls.


Supplies you will need:

Up to 2 rolls of duct tape of any brand.  (You are welcome to select different colors of duct tape if you like but no more than 2 colors!)

How to submit:

You will submit by using this Google Form.  The form will allow you to upload a file, submit a URL, and provides us with permission to use your images.  We also highly encourage you to share your submissions through Twitter (but please still submit through the Google form as well) and use the hashtag #CRAEAtag.  Feel free to tag us on Twitter!

Hosted by:

Chelsie Byram                                                  Mandie Sanderman
@Butterfly_Byram                                             @AmandaSanderman
#CRAEAtag                                                        #CRAEAtag 


Submission is due by Friday, February 26th at 3pm