Math Responsive Teaching to be offered beginning January 2021

Beginning in January 2021, the Central Rivers AEA Math Team is offering Math Responsive Teaching at the elementary and secondary levels as well as a new math fluency basic facts course.

The Responsive Teaching courses were designed for special education teachers and math interventionists around the Specially Designed Instruction Framework (SDI) and are blended courses with Zoom meeting times that can be taken in the evenings. The basic facts course was designed for anyone wanting to improve fact fluency in their classroom or building and is almost completely asynchronous. 

Questions can be directed to any member of the Math Team.

  • Amie Smith, Math Consultant, 712-898-6959
  • Jeff Stuck, Math Consultant, 319-939-4457
  • Jennifer Schilling, Math Consultant, 319-415-7375
  • Makenzie Hakeman, Math Consultant, 563-528-2767