Copyright Briefnotes updated for 2021

New Version Helps Guide Online and Virtual Learning

Dec blog 2

Iowa’s Area Education Agencies have created an extensive, easy-to-use resource to help students and teachers understand copyright laws and the associated rights and responsibilities of users of copyrighted information. Two versions of Copyright BriefNotes are now available to support students and teachers in virtual and physical classrooms. These resources can be linked on your association website and you are welcome to distribute this information to your membership.

Dec blog 1A new version of Copyright BriefNotes for Students has been updated for 2021 and is available in a Flipbook and print-ready PDF versions.

Copyright BriefNotes for Students and Teachers includes the same content from the student version plus information that helps address copyright questions related to online and virtual learning environments and digital content. Copyright BriefNotes for Students and Teachers also is available in Flipbook and print-ready PDF versions.

Additionally, this year the AEAs have created a Copyright Decision Tree poster that’s available for teacher and student use. This poster features a QR code that links back to the flipbook version of Copyright BriefNotes for Students.