November TAG Submissions

Our November Challenge was to Tell Us A Story and we LOVED the submissions!!  Due to the holidays, we do not have a December Challenge planned, but will happily continue to accept Story submissions and add them if any students weren’t able to get theirs completed this month due to going to remote learning or time constraints.

Our January Challenge will be released before Christmas break and will be a “100 Lego Challenge” but the specifics won’t be released until later. You are welcome to look at our monthly schedule to know what the upcoming TAG challenges will be.

Students shared their favorite parts of this month’s challenge with us and told us:

  • I liked doing the illustrations
  • I liked reading the story with expression.
  • I liked doing the puppet show.
  • I liked putting my own twist on the story.
  • I liked doing the clay animals and being creative.
  • Enjoyed reminiscing about the past in my story
  • I liked that it wasn’t limited to just a book and we could tell it however we wanted.
  • Drawing the pictures
  • Experimenting on what method to use and shooting the videoes
  • The acting and character traits
  • Working with puppets

Challenges that the students had to work through include:

  • Writing the story – it was 6 chapters and all make-believe.
  • Finding the right way to string up the puppets.
  • Figuring out how to work together because we are hybrid and can’t all be together
  • Figuring out what we were going to do and coming up with the rules for the game.
  • Figuring out Stop Motion and lining up the pictures.


We know you are going to love these submissions as much as we did as you watch the students Tell Us A Story!

St. Paul’s Lutheran School:

Cedar Falls, 4th grade

Sumner-Fredericksburg, 6th-8th

Meskwaki Settlement School, High School

Meskwaki Settlement School, HS

Meskwaki Settlement School, HS

Meskwaki Google slide

Meskwaki Settlement School, HS (click for Google slideshow)












Meskwaki Google Video

Meskwaki Settlement School, HS (click for Google Video)









East Buchanan, 8th

East Buch 6th

East Buchanan 6th (Click on image to play video)












North Iowa, 4th

North Iowa, 4th

North Iowa, 6th

North Iowa, 4th