Helping to build young children’s emotional skills at home during the pandemic


This month we wanted to take the opportunity to share a few resources to support parents as they help their young children cope with stress, anxiety, or other negative emotions during the pandemic.  Parents are the number one teachers of all children, no matter what their age.  During this time parents are feeling vulnerable.  Stress is in all homes because of the change in our routines, the need for social distancing, or the fear and anxiety around the virus and its effects on our families. Children also feel this way in response to changes in their parents’ mood, changes in the daily routine, or changes in their environment.  Educators and families can work together to help children feel more comfortable by following a few basic tips from the National Center for Pyramid Model Innovations:


  • Remain calm and reassure children that the caring adults in their lives will help them stay safe.
  • Provide positive attention by using positive facial expressions and descriptive praise.  
  • Teach safety habits by singing a song for 20 seconds while washing hands and learning how to cover a cough. 
  • Be available by being responsive to your child’s needs, listening and talking about their feelings and answering your child’s questions. 
  • Plan your day by talking to your child about your daily schedule by using words and visuals, involve your child by giving choices in planning, remain consistent with routines but be flexible and prepared if things happen to disrupt your child. 


These tips on helping children during the pandemic and other information on helping build your child’s emotional skills at home can be found in the links below.  


Please feel free to contact Michelle Haberman, Consultant for Early Childhood, or Jessie Blohm, Consultant for Early Childhood for more information. 


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