December TAG Challenge

Our Monthly TAG Challenge schedule did not plan for a December challenge due to the normally busy time between the holidays.  However, we also understand that there might be individuals who are looking forward to continuing with the challenges and don’t want to wait for the January 100 Lego Challenge rules to be released (which will come out before Christmas break)

So, for those interested, we are sharing a challenge from that is perfect for this time of year and might help prepare you for the January challenge.

Coffee For the Brain hosts a Lego Christmas Ornament challenge and we will happily accept submissions (but we also encourage you to register and submit through their challenge – it’s free!)

You can see the rules and challenge at the website.  You are welcome to submit your creations through our submission form, but keep in mind that only goes to Central Rivers, so also submit to the Lego Ornament challenge site if you are interested.  We will happily accept “winter ornaments” if you celebrate a holiday other than Christmas!

Happy creating and Happy holidays!!