October TAG Challenge submissions

Thank you to those who participated in our October TAG challenge!  We hope you love seeing all the submissions as much as we did; what a great job done by everyone!

As a part of the submission process, participants listed their favorite and most challenging aspects of this month’s work and we loved reading the comments from the students.  Some of the comments we received with submissions are:

Favorite part:

  • Seeing the finished product
  • Watching the pendulum swing
  • Choosing the paint colors
  • When the paint dried and it looked really cool
  • Pulling back and releasing the pendulum
  • Doing something I haven’t done before
  • Working with a friend to create something

Most challenging:

  • Figuring out all the elements
  • Getting the hole right
  • Setting the paper in the exact right spot
  • Getting the weights on the pendulum just right
  • Keeping my little brother out of the paint
  • Getting the paint the right consistency to flow out.


Check out these works of art!  Congratulations to all who tried the challenge and thanks to all who submitted!  Be watching for the November challenge to be released.