November TAG Challenge

November TAG Challenge – Tell Us A Story

Don’t miss out on seeing the submissions for our October challenge – they are all works of art!

This overview can also be found on our November TAG Challenge google doc.

Challenge Overview:

StoryFor this month’s challenge, we are asking you to tell us a story!  It can be a re-creation of a story (such as a children’s book, fairy tale, etc) or a story that you write!  However, you must tell us the story in a unique manner.  Maybe you want to do it through a puppet show?  Or using paper or clay and Stop Motion?  Or maybe you want to tell us the story through images and American Sign Language?  The choices are endless – work individually or with a team, but get to work on telling us a story!!


Supplies you might need:

This one is totally up to you – the supplies you will need will be dependent on how you chose to tell the story.  The only thing that everyone will have in common is A STORY.


How to submit:

You will submit by using this Google Form.  The form will allow you to upload a file, submit a URL, and provides us with permission to use your images.  We also highly encourage you to share your submissions through Twitter (but please still submit it through the Google form as well) and use the hashtag #CRAEAtag


Hosted by:

Chelsie Byram                                                     Mandie Sanderman                         

@Butterfly_Byram                                             @AmandaSanderman 

#CRAEATAG                                                        #CRAEATAG 


Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, submission is due by: 

Friday, November 20th at 3pm