New social justice book groups have been added to your school’s MackinVIA eBook library.

The books educators share with students go a long way in developing their compassion for others. Books about social justice allow our students insight into what it feels like to be a refugee, to encounter racism, or to have to fight against great odds for rights and freedoms which others take for granted. This past year has presented multiple opportunities for students to think about social justice with the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment and women’s rights, a resurgence of the social justice movement, and issues surrounding the pandemic. 

MackinVIA is an eResouce online catalog that provides easy access to eBooks, audiobooks, and educational databases. Central Rivers AEA purchases eBooks (online books) and other electronic resources that then can be accessed by teachers and students in our schools. Within your school’s MackinVIA, eBooks have been purchased and organized to support the topic of social justice in easy to access groups. There are two groups organized by grade levels; K – 6th grades and 7th – 12th grades.  Students benefit in reading about others who have stood up for causes of justice and stand as role models for positive change. Several titles in our MackinVIA eBook collections focus on this, such as this K-6th grade title, Kid activists: true tales of childhood from champions of change by Robin Stevenson. The book is a collection of anecdotes from the childhoods of famous activists, including Emma Watson, Martin Luther King Jr., Malala Yousafzai, and others. Another book title from the 7-12th grade group like this is Resist: 35 profiles of ordinary people who rose up against tyranny and injustice by Veronica Chambers. This book chronologically profiles thirty-five men and women in world history who stood up to injustice, such as Malala Yousafzai, Frederick Douglass, Harvey Milk, Janet Mock, and Joan of Arc. 

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Please encourage your students to read and learn more about social justice by accessing these books through your school’s MackinVIA at Contact your students’ classroom teacher, your local school teacher librarian, or contact Media Services at Central Rivers AEA if you need assistance with accessing MackinVIA.