Math routines and best practice in the COVID times

Your Central Rivers AEA Math Team hopes that you have settled into your new normal as well as established your math routines for the 2020-2021 school year.

As we settle into this new normal, routine and best practice are more important than ever. During normal school years, students typically have a structured routine well in place.  With the unexpected changes, sometimes daily, everyone struggles with consistency which impacts the way we learn and interacts with one another. It is critical to maintaining our math routines and best practice in the different learning environments taking place. Here are reflective questions to ask oneself:

  • Do I have the resources I need to meet the needs of my students in each tier of instruction?
  • Is the structure of my math block and/or intervention time well thought out and consistent to adhere to our learning goals?
  • Am I able to provide engaging tasks and experiences to leverage student thinking to move everyone’s mathematical reasoning forward?
  • Do my students have the opportunity to engage in mathematical discourse with one another?
  • Do my students have access to manipulatives and different models to express their reasoning around our math focus?
  • Do I provide effective, timely feedback to all of my students on a consistent basis?

The Central Rivers Math Team is offering upcoming courses beginning next semester to help you with establishing routines and best practices to support the range of student ability in your classrooms and support the overall Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) Framework in your buildings.

student working on math

Math Responsive Teaching Elementary, Grades K-5

Math Responsive Teaching Secondary, Grades 6-12

Coming Soon: Building Math Fluency Through a Solid Foundation (Math Basic Facts Blended Course)

We look forward to our continued work with you. Please reach out anytime to:

Jeff Struck: South Sector

Jennifer Schilling: Northwest Sector

Kenzie Hakeman: East Sector

Amie Smith: Northeast Sector