Local district students, staff asked to wear face coverings during service interactions with Central Rivers AEA staff

As the evidence regarding the importance of wearing face coverings continues to mount, Central Rivers AEA staff members will be asking all students and LEA staff to wear a face covering during service interactions. For those students or staff members in school districts where face coverings are not currently required, a face covering will be offered at the beginning of the service interaction. If the individual is unwilling or unable to wear a face covering, services will be provided virtually or another accommodation may be made.

In cases where service interactions are greater than six feet apart, face coverings will not be required.

Your assistance in sharing this information with your staff and students in whatever means makes sense locally is appreciated.We continue to be dedicated to providing the highest quality service to our LEA partners during this challenging time. Partnering together will help to ensure that we keep face-to-face services in play for as long as possible as COVID-19 continues to spread.

Questions? Please contact Sam Miller, Chief Administrator.