October TAG Monthly Challenge

October 2020 TAG Challenge
Pendulum Art 

These directions can also be found on our October 2020 TAG Challenge google document.


Creativity and problem solving are the focus this month! You are invited to create a piece of art using the pendulum method. The created pendulum can be any scale. The only rule is that the pendulum is the working force. You may not force a pattern; gravity is in control. 

SuppPendulum artlies you might need:

Paint, water, sand, colored fluid, paper, wood, plastic, glass, wood, rope, string, gloves, vented space, tape, weights, lab glasses, camera, video recorder, clothes that can get paint on them, time. 

How to submit:

You will submit by using this Google Form.  The form will allow you to upload a file, submit a URL, and provides us with permission to use your images.  We also highly encourage you to share your submissions through Twitter (but please still submit it through the Google form as well) and use the hashtag #CRAEAtag.  Feel free to tag us on Twitter as well!!

Hosted by:

Chelsie Byram                                                   Mandie Sanderman
cbyram@centralrivers.org                                 asanderman@centralrivers.org
@Butterfly_Byram                                             @AmandaSanderman
#CRAEATAG                                                       #CRAEATAG 


Submission is due by:
Friday, October 30th at 3PM