Media services materials giveaway for 2020 begins September 14th: boxed book sets & books with audio

Central Rivers AEA Media Services strives to maintain a current collection of resources for our schools to access. In order to maintain the currency and relevance of our materials, each summer our media collection is reviewed or “weeded” to remove dated materials or materials that have not been circulating out to schools on a regular basis. Each year, these weeded materials are offered to school districts who may have a need for these extra resources. In order to provide equity to our give-away process, Media Services has created a giveaway website so that all teachers may request these materials that won’t be circulated by the AEA anymore. Each year, different sections of the AEA Media Collection are reviewed. This year our focus was student books within Boxed Books (BB) and Books with Audio (BA) materials.

This special website Central Rivers AEA GetMedia Give-Away 2020 is open for teacher requests as of September 14, 2020. You will order these giveaway materials using a process very similar to ordering regular media materials from our GetMedia Catalog. You will be able to browse through materials and will be prompted to log into your account to reserve these items. We are asking that each individual teacher only pick 5 give-away items per day in order to make sure all teachers have an opportunity to receive materials. Requested items will ship sometime over a two week period following the submission of the request. As you receive items, you will see the term GAWAY in the upper right-hand corner of the shipping labels – this is the indicator that this item is for you to keep permanently. You will see a return date on the label, but please ignore, the system can’t turn that feature off. A bright yellow sticker labeled GetMedia GiveAway will also be attached to your requested item(s).

Click here screen shot 01

We are happy to get these items into the hands of educators and students! Please let Central Rivers Media Services know if you have any questions about this annual GiveAway procedure.