Partnering with families in promoting learning opportunites

Preschool is all about exploration.  We want kids to be interacting with materials to build on future ready skills such as critical thinking, complex communication, creativity, collaboration, flexibility, adaptability, productivity, and accountability.  When children engage in activities that promote future ready skills, we know it will assist the further development needed to participate in a meaningful way in our ever-changing world. 

During this challenging time in education we want to promote families to partner with us in providing extended learning opportunities at home.  Statewide Voluntary Preschool Programs are required to engage with students a minimum of 10 hours per week.  When on-site learning is not possible or a hybrid model is implemented, remote learning opportunities should be offered.  The minimum program hours can be partially met through learning opportunities such as science exploration. 

This website gives you many opportunities for families to participate in.  As you dig into this site, you will see that it includes  the description of each activity and embedded subject areas – great way to promote the understanding that meaningful learning crosses all content areas! Please feel free to contact Michelle Haberman, Consultant for Early Childhood, or Jessie Blohm, Consultant for Early Childhood, for more information.