Answers & resources to support online professional learning for your staff

How do I ensure my staff has the “specialized training or experience in online learning”  referenced in Iowa Senate File 2310?

This Competency Scale for Online Learning is a companion document developed to support the Continuous Learning Technology Integration Continuum released by the Iowa Department of Education and Iowa AEAs. This scale measures one’s ability to demonstrate competency for teaching online. It captures skill levels from “Getting Started,” to “Emerging,” to “Optimizing,” with each category incorporating mastery of the content prior. Competency acquisition meeting the requirement of “specialized training in online learning” is “Optimized.

What learning opportunities are available for my staff to grow their skills in creating an online learning environment? 

There are numerous opportunities available to individuals, learning communities, and entire buildings/districts. This Menu of PD Opportunities is a condensed version of the many options available. For a more comprehensive list of opportunities, check out the Learning Opportunities Database. This database is searchable by: learning format, credit type, synchronous/asynchronous, category, learning outcome, and more.

Some of my staff prefer small doses of information to grow their skills in creating an online learning environment. What opportunities are available in an hour or less?

Staff are invited to check out our webinar series either in real time via Facebook Live or via recording. This three-week series will cover topics around creating an online learning environment, designing and delivering online learning, how to facilitate good communication & collaboration and embedding feedback & assessment.

Are there any learning opportunities for my technology leaders?

Yes, IT professionals are invited to attend this free webinar series to grow their skills in the G Suite Management Console. 

I’m looking for some ready-to-use professional learning modules that my district can use and customize. I’d also like the tool to be able to award microcredentials to my staff. Is there anything like this available?

Modern Teacher is a vendor that offers a platform with flexibility to align professional learning with your district’s vision for digital proficiency. While the AEAs are unable to subsidize or purchase this resource for you, we are more than happy to coordinate this information for you.

Who do I contact for more information about any of these resources?

Please feel free to contact your AEA Regional Administrator or School Improvement Consultant assigned to your district or Sarah Nelson (