Safe use of physical AEA media materials

Covid mask editThere has been much discussion and planning in Media Services these past few months due to COVID-19. Our top priority is the safety of students, educators, and AEA staff. We are working to maintain your access to high-quality resources, materials, and provide the customer service you are used to while implementing protocols to mitigate risks of COVID-19. Our regular AEA van routes out to school buildings will begin during the week of August 10, 2020.

Here are some of the precautions we are taking for safety purposes.    

  • We will not be circulating the Star Lab through December 2020, due to social distancing and sanitizing concerns.
  • We are staying abreast of research and recommendations for circulating library materials. We are using a combination of quarantining materials and increased cleaning protocols as we circulate materials during this time.
  • It is recommended that users of physical AEA media materials out in the schools follow the guidelines within your building and/or district for the safe handling of these materials between students/staff. 
  • Our AEA van drivers will be equipped with protective supplies, including hand sanitizer, masks, and gloves.   We request that drop-offs and deliveries be as contact-less as possible for your safety and well as the safety of our AEA van drivers. 

Central Rivers Media Services take pride in serving our educators and students safely and efficiently. Please feel free to contact the Supervisor of Media Services (  or the Supervisor of Van Delivery (  if you have any questions or concerns about the physical use and circulation of AEA media materials.