Iowa Learning Academy (ILA) 2020 dates announce

The Iowa Learning Academy (ILA) 2020 is designed to support school leadership teams, educators, and their organizational partners in increasing outcomes for all learners. Formerly the Special Education Symposium and the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) June Institute, the ILA seeks to align statewide efforts to support Iowa’s area education agencies (AEAs), school districts, and partnering agencies and organizations in the provision of leadership, instructional services, and other supports to promote the success of all Iowa learners.

The following roles are encouraged to attend:

  • Administrators;
  • Building leadership teams (attendance is required for Comprehensive schools);
  • Early ACCESS providers and service coordinators;
  • Educators and providers from early childhood to high school;
  • AEA professionals supporting literacy, mathematics, SEBH, and/or specific student subgroups (e.g., special education, preschool, English learners); and
  • Higher education faculty supporting pre-service educators and providers. 

The four-day event is structured around seven main content strands:

  • College and Career Readiness,
  • Early Childhood,
  • Family and Community Engagement,
  • Leadership,
  • Literacy,
  • Mathematics, and
  • SEBH.

While the content strands stretch across the four days, the focus varies by day:

  • June 9 – Special Education Sessions,
  • June 10 – Special Education Sessions and General Education Sessions,
  • June 11 – Special Education Workshops and General Education Sessions, and
  • June 12 – General Education Sessions.

Strand Co-Leads by Content Strand

  • College and Career Readiness – Eric Heitz, Jen Sigrist, and Kirsten Lane
  • Early Childhood – Dee Gethmann, Melissa Schnurr, and Pam Elwood
  • Family and Community Engagement – Amy Liddell, Barb Anderson, and Susan Selby
  • Leadership – The C4K Design Team
  • Literacy – Kathy Bertsch, Leigh Bellville, and Wendy Robinson
  • Mathematics – April Pforts, Connie Terry, and Greg Feldmann
  • SEBH – Aaron Roome, Kay Augustine, and Wendy Trotter

Registration for the ILA 2020 opens on March 2020 at

For more information, contact Dr. Julie Davies at