Media Services has created grade level book sets developed around the themes for Iowa SS Standards.

These book sets are organized by grade level themes for Iowa Social Studies Standards. Sources are central to the success of inquiry. Sources deliver content, encourage disciplinary thinking, and even inspire students to want to learn more. These Primary Source Sets address national and international history as well as Iowa-specific history. These sets were created using presentations developed by Kim Heckart, 3rd-grade teacher, College Community School District. 

Media Services Book Sets

  Kindergarten : spaces and places : identity (BB2484,BB)

  First grade : communities and cultures : comparing schools l (BB2485,BB)

  Third grade : immigration and migration : immigration (BB2487,BB)

  4th grade : change and continuity : Great Depression (BB2488,BB)

  5th grade : rights and responsibilities : desegregation (BB2489,BB)