Reminder: Preschool desk audit due December 15

Any district that has one or more classrooms/sessions implementing the Iowa Quality Preschool Program Standards will need to complete the Preschool Desk Audit.  The audit is found in the Consolidated Accountability and Support Application(CASA). The IQPPS criteria and guidance can be found on the Iowa Department of Education’s Differentiated Accountability Web Page.  

General guidelines include:

  • Evidence should not be submitted at the classroom level
  • Policy, program handbook excerpts, evidence representing curricula, evidence representing professional development attendance or narrative ALONE is not sufficient
  • Evidence should represent the past or current year
  • Ensure a web link or file upload is prepared to address the IQPPS criterion 
  • All file uploads must be in Word or PDF format (make sure they are accessible)
  • Label each piece of evidence with district name and associated IQPPS criterion number

(ABC CSD_Criterion 1.5)

  • The same evidence may be used to address more than one criterion; however, clearly label and describe how it represents each criterion
  • Prepare a brief description to accompany each piece of evidence

If you have questions please contact the Early Childhood Consultant supporting your district:

For more information, contact: Michelle Haberman at, Allyssa Pape at, Lindsey Humpal at or Jessie Blohm at