Register today for “Separating Language Differences From Disability” with Steve Gill, September 16-17

Register today to hear national expert Steve Gill make the case for separating language differences from disability in how we approach student learning. This course will provide participants with an understanding of the relationship between acculturation, belief systems, practices and results. This will include background issues, laws and research that assist staff in addressing belief systems issues. Additionally, eligibility for special education services and the issues specific to ELL that arise during eligibility determination will be discussed. Participants will learn how to complete the ELL Critical Data Process and how this process can help them to determine whether more interventions are needed or if a special education referral should be considered. The ELL Critical Data Process helps bring key staff members together to discuss how to best meet student needs and have a guided process that leads to a pictorial representation of their discussions. Participants are encouraged to attend with a building team. Follow-up sessions will focus on application of the tools in schools.

In this brief interview, CRAEA Director of Communications & Creative Services, Beth Strike, interviews Annalisa Miner, Consultant for English Language Learners about Gill’s presentation including who should attend. Specific details can be found on this flyer.

Register today at  by visiting our website: and clicking on Professional Learning.